Why these issues
are important to us

The successful realisation of a business strategy is entirely dependent on people: their management skills, professional knowledge and commitment to the Company’s values and corporate ethos. Therefore, Uralkali creates ideal conditions for professional growth and career progression and develops ways to build and strengthen company loyalty and team efficiency.


An efficient workforce is one component of a successful business and an area where Uralkali has a competitive advantage.

The Company is constantly focused on increasing productivity in the Group, including through staff optimisation. At the same time, Uralkali seeks to maintain its position as one of the most appealing employers in the region, retain key specialists, and attract new qualified employees and talented graduates. Uralkali is chosen as an employer by those who are reliable and those who strive for professional growth and self-development. In return, we welcome them to our team of professionals who are ready to share their knowledge and experience.

The Group offers its employees a competitive salary and a comprehensive benefits package, as well as broad opportunities for professional growth.

All HR processes within the Company and its subsidiaries are organised in accordance with the Group’s long-term strategies and legal requirements.

Key priorities

  • Provide the business with qualified personnel
  • Increase workforce productivity
  • Increase staff loyalty and commitment
  • Improve HR processes

The labour market situation

The labour market situation in the towns where the main production facilities of the Company are situated remains tense: low unemployment and a reduced working-age population complicate the search for and attraction of new professionals.

An important factor is the increased competition in the labor market in connection with the commissioning of new facilities in the region.

However, despite the current situation, the Company intends to maintain its position as one of the most attractive employers in the region.

The number of employees in the Uralkali Group at the end of 2013 stood at 21,137, with 99.5% coming from the local population.

Uralkali has a comprehensive benefits package, various training and development programmes, and competitive salaries.


  • US$ 15,600 is the average annual salary for employees in the main production Except for top managers.unit;
  • Salary increases for 2013 exceeded the Russian inflation rate;
  • Uralkali’s compensation system is built upon uniform principles, i.e. based on grades, accounting for each role’s complexity and importance;
  • In 2013, the transfer of most line managers to annual bonuses was completed (along with top and mid-level managers), allowing for a more objective evaluation of the managers’ work.

Professional and career growth

To ensure that the Company’s staffing needs are met, the Company uses an integrated approach for the evaluation and development of its staff; it runs Talent pool programmes for different levels of management. In 2013, to improve the management and professional skills of line managers, the Company developed the Foreman’s Academy programme. The programme received positive feedback and will be extended.

Corporate culture

The Company’s strong corporate culture contributes to the attractiveness of Uralkali for employees. The work carried out to develop the culture, conducted by the HR management, is a necessary step towards improved staff efficiency.

To select and apply the most relevant and effective measures, which can improve employee performance, the Company carries out an employee survey each year. The poll conducted in 2013 differed from the previous version. Previously, Uralkali measured employee satisfaction according to factors such as working conditions, remuneration, social programmes and other “soft” factors, as well as employee loyalty to the Company. In 2013, for the first time, the survey dealt with engagement and conditions for success. Uralkali plans to hold the next survey, involving as many employees as possible.

The HR management promotes the Code of Corporate Culture. In 2013, 100 mid- level and line managers of the Company took part in a specialised training and learned the mechanisms for applying the provisions of the Code in their daily work.

Benefits package

The Company aims to cover as many popular benefits as possible with its overall remuneration Benefits package is for all employees, both with open-ended and fixed-term contract.package. Uralkali offers its employees a range of benefits, guarantees and privileges, which ensure social stability, address the most pressing social issues and improve living standards. Among the most significant benefits, there is an optional health insurance programme, reimbursement for meal costs (up to 70%), health resort offers for employees (up to 50%), and summer holidays for children of employees in Russia and abroad.

The Company also pays close attention to improving employee healthcare and recreational activities, for example up to 50% of the cost of visiting swimming pools and ski lodges is reimbursed. In 2013 the Company’s corporate polyclinic Uralkali-Med was refurbished and new equipment was installed.

The Company especially values employees who have spent many years at the Company and are now enjoying a well-deserved retirement. Uralkali provides annual financial and organisational support to the Veterans Council through the “Care and Comfort” programme. This support helps potash industry veterans to continue to lead active lives.